Welcome to Cottontails Childcare

About us

There is a lot that makes Cottontails Childcare stand above the rest. Dive right in and learn why…


Our approach to learning and teaching is through child centered play and education. We have a fully equipped nursery


Your child is growing up fast and ready for a little more independence. Our Toddler’s room is a perfect introduction


With a wide range of activities including arts and crafts, imaginative play and physical activities, your child will soon be well prepared for school

Our facilities

We are open from 7.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday to meet the needs of the Stanmore Bay community. We offer a separate nursery building for the care of under two year olds, so you can feel secure that your child is receiving age specific care and high teacher to child ratios.

For our children over two years old, our well-resourced, open-plan villa and large outdoor area provides your child with plenty of opportunities to explore, share and grow in their time with us. We aim to create a cohesive community where adults and children experience a sense of connection and belonging.

We offer lots of hands-on interactive exploration through a culturally and developmentally appropriate curriculum that is changed according to the child’s developmental stage. Our curriculum includes a diverse range of small and large group experiences as well as allowing for spontaneous experiences that are child-initiated. These include:

  • Gross Motor Play – climbing, swinging, riding, movement
  • Outdoors/Nature – feeding our bunny, becoming kaitiakitanga (guardians of Papatuanuku)
  • Sensory Play – water, sand and messy play
  • Carpentry – blocks, hammers and nails, and other tools
  • Manipulative Play – puzzles and block construction
  • Art, Crafts, and Music – fostering creativity with a variety of different mediums
  • Language and Literacy – mark-making, writing, sign language
  • Family and Role Play – puppets, role playing home life and other areas of our world
  • Beach and Nature Walks – discovering new ideas, exploring working theories

We offer a well-planned programme based on the national ECE curriculum Te Whāriki, developed by experienced, qualified teachers with and a genuine passion for inspiring children. The programmes are individualised to meet the different ages, stages and interests of each child. Your child can stay part of the Cottontails family from babyhood though to toddler and then preschool where we prepare your little ones for their transition from us to the wider community.

Making friends and developing relationships is an important part of childhood, and friendships develop as children play alongside and with each other. Our teachers will develop strong trusting relationships with both your child and their whānau, and support children in developing and maintaining relationships with others. Teachers will support children in this by:

  • Modelling how to share and take turns
  • Help develop their communication skills
  • Supporting problem-solving, compromise and conflict-resolution techniques
  • Demonstrating cooperation, inclusion and compassion to others
  • Supporting children with any separation or interaction anxieties
  • Empowering children to develop respect for others, and to show kindness
  • Giving children the tools and time to adjust to routines and their new Cottontails community

Our hours

Monday to Friday 7am to 5.30pm

  • Short Day – between 9am and 4pm or between 8:30am and 3:30pm
  • Full Day – between 7am and 5.30pm
  • 20 Hours ECE

We are open every weekday including school holidays, but excluding Public Holidays

Short Day
Hours Full Day

Our rooms

We offer

  • Fully qualified, experienced and passionate teachers
  • Welcoming, friendly atmosphere
  • Large natural outdoor area
  • Regular curriculum with a range of age-appropriate activities
  • Long hours from 7am to 5.30pm

Children in our wonderful, coastal community are cared for in a happy, caring, stimulating and safe environment.

Learning through playing with other children will develop essential positive social skills that will set them up for life.

We have a focus on integrating the centre into the local area to meet local needs and support parents to create a stronger community spirit.