Where Relationships Matter...

Here at Cottontails Childcare we value all people as treasures, and recognise being an active part of our community creates unity in our children’s learning, purpose and direction.

We value mana enhancing behaviour that supports building and strengthening of each other’s potential as a learning community. We value nurturing strong, trusting relationships with our tamariki to enable them to be fully engaged in learning.

We know that ako, sharing the role of teacher and learner, develops children who are confident to share their strengths with each other and with the wider community. We value the potential your child has to offer and see this as our responsibility to enhance and support to them to meet their potential. We recognise time and patience in a calm, engaging environment with high ratios supports children to meet their potential with teacher guidance and support.

As teachers we recognise we can not do this alone, we value your partnership as parents, to support developing children who view themselves as an important part of a larger collective, children who are empowered to know how they can contribute positively to the future, whatever it may hold. We believe in supporting children to know who they are and what they stand for, and their roles and responsibilities within this.

We value the natural environment for the harmony it creates inside us and the joy it gives to our children, the connection to their home and being part of local community, Whangaparaoa. We recognise the learning opportunities nature creates for our tamariki and will support our children to explore and inquire in their learning process. We will support our children to delight in discovery.

We are committed to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, the bi-cultural partnership, recognising the importance of sharing te reo Māori and te ao Māori, contexts in which tamariki can learn and be empowered to enrich not only their future but that of their families and community. We value the child being recognised as the link between past, present and future.

We recognise the amazing diversity of our community, and value the sharing and weaving of knowledge.

A caring, natural, fun, social learning environment where authentic relationships with children, parents, teachers and community really matter!

time and patience
value your partnership
strong, trusting relationships
ako, teacher and learner
people as treasures
mana enhancing behaviour
calm, engaging environment
diversity of our community
teacher guidance and support
calm, engaging environment
teacher guidance and support
natural environment